Defining our Supremacy

The road to conquest, triumph and total power is stained with the blood of those suicidal enough to throw themselves in our way. It doesn't matter. Nothing can stop us, on our mission to claim the world. We are Advanced Forces.

Let's do this

Inflicting pain and deep psychological trauma

Perhaps that summary is a bit much. In reality, we are a small band of soldiers, known collectively as Advanced Forces, hell-bent on reducing the overall self-worth of the PC gaming community to rubble while breaking bones and smashing skulls. Innocent, right? Really though, we like to kill stuff, with marvellous weapons such as these...

Bringing out the 'Mass' in Massacre

So we like to create misery. We can't help that. We tend to do it to large gatherings of enemy combatants, aliens, monsters and zombies alike. Should you be afraid? Well, if you play anything seen below... yeah, probably.

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